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I am so lucky….

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We went out to dinner, we spent the night together…we woke up together….about to take a shower together. Did I tell you I am so lucky?

She is so amazing, so loving, so strong and so willing. I cannot believe I am lucky enough to have found her and lucky enough to be with her for as long as I have been. She amazes me every day, makes me laugh every day, makes me smile every day, makes me want her every day, makes me want to be with her every day. I love you W.

I love…

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…smelling like her in the morning when I wake up next to her. I love you W.

A year of firsts…and now pool fun.

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A year, you say? Your blog has been up for a year?

No. But I’ve known W for a year now. It’s been an amazing year; with her around, it’s been the best year of my life. The things I’ve done to her, that she’s done to me, the way she has made me feel, the way I’ve been able to make her feel for the past 365 days has been amazing.

I got to see her on our one year something-versary. True to our form, we did something very public, very naughty and something we’d never done before.

Read on to learn more.

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Thinking about what could be cumming next…

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I’ve been away on business for way too long. I’m going to see W soon; I can’t wait to see her. I’ve gotten a few texts from her recently that shows that she’s in the same boat as I am. Like the line from the Green Day song goes “When masturbation’s lost it’s fun, you’re fuckin’ lonely”. It wasn’t fun, just took the edge off.

There are times where I want here to fuck ME. And there are times where I want to fuck HER. I really, really want to fuck her.

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Ass play on my Bday – HER perspective

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So R just wrote about sex on my birthday and my special birthday requests.  There were two: finger my ass and fuck me without a condom. Read his post, it’s a completely different, yet still an awesome perspective… A First for Us and a drought.

We’d been swimming at the pool enjoying the day with my kids and family when after some time we were alone in my bed. He said “Can I make you quiver?” “Of course”, I replied. We both swiftly undressed and his head was between my legs licking my pussy in no time.

He fingered my pussy while he licked my clit and I squirmed with desire, but my ass was aching for some attention. It needed some attention, so I asked him to finger my ass. He did seem shocked as I have not asked for anything other than for him to fuck me, usually he takes the lead, but it WAS my birthday and my ass made its desires known, as did I.

He stuck his two fingers from his free hand into my pussy to lube them up and quickly starting fucking my ass with his finger. He continued to fuck my pussy with his other hand and steadily licked my clit.  THE TRIFECTA!!!! The combination was amazing and overwhelming and I came and came and came very hard. I came so hard that after the final time my clit became extremely sensitive and I had to have him stop.

He stopped with his fingers and tongue, but as soon as he stopped that, I wanted his cock. He is the condom king, but no, no condom today, not on my birthday. I wanted to feel the skin of his cock rub inside the skin of my pussy. I wanted to feel his hot cum shoot deep inside me.

I did not think I could cum again, but then feeling his bareback cock and wrapping my legs around his back spurred yet another orgasm and as he began to cum so did I as I could feel his cum run through me.

He bought me a present, but this was much, much better.

I’m hoping for more ass play in the future, much more. For me and for him. Perhaps in the form of anal sex? Mmmm…we will have to see. Just talking about it makes me wet and my ass yearn for his cock.

A first for us…and a drought…

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W and I had wonderful sex the other day. That wasn’t the first.

I was worshipping her pussy with my lips and tongue, as I am always wont to do. I love how she tastes, how she breathes when I am licking her between her legs. It is heavenly. I know I am making her happy when her breathing begins to quicken, and she moans the way she does. The ultimate compliment is when she grabs my hair and pulls me into her pussy. I would live in there if I could.

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