Our first time….HER perspective, part 1.

My phone buzzes with a text and my heart flutters as it is from him. There is no one I would rather hear from, so I am filled with anticipation as I begin to open it. We have plans for later today and I am desperately looking forward to seeing him. It is less than 24 hours since the last time I saw him, for the third day in a row, but I miss him the minute he is out of my sight. I cannot wait for 2:30 pm and it is taking forever to get here.

I open my text message and it says “up for an adventure? if so, I have an idea…”. Intrigued, curious, and super excited, I reply immediately with “Yes, tell me”. I don’t get a reply for some time and I wait anxiously until my phone rings. This is our first phone call. I am at work surrounded by curious ears, so other than yes or no, I cannot say much. But I don’t have to, because he has called with instructions for our adventure.

“Turn right, then left, park here, come inside using this entrance, follow this sign, turn right and I will be waiting for you”.  Included with the directions is the instruction to change into a skirt and take off my panties. I do this with pleasure. I love going commando for him, it gives him easy access. Just thinking of him and removing my panties is enough to make me wet, very wet. I am excited, but nervous and my stomach flutters as I follow his directions and arrive on time to see him standing in the hallway as he said he would be.

We are in a public place. Anyone could come down the hall or around the corner at any moment and we must not get caught. So we casually touch and say hello, even though, there is nothing casual about this situation. We are here to fuck.

~ by bcwecan on August 16, 2009.

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