Our first time….HIS perspective part 1.

I had been talking to W online for at least three or four weeks. She had answered my Craigslist Ad in “Casual Encounters”, the first I’d ever put in that section. A few hours after the ad went up, she responded.

“I’m married, in my 30’s, with kids, attractive interested in some discrete fun,” she wrote me.

After sending me a picture, she wrote, “Here’s my pic. It’s your turn, if you are interested..”.

“I am,” I wrote back a few hours later, “but you’re married and have kids. Kind of a no-no with me. Great picture, though.”

Despite it being a no-no (for me), we kept emailing for weeks. We tried to meet up, but I screwed it up (an interesting story for a later time). We continued to email, and progressed to chatting online, something I hadn’t done for years.

I finally met W in person downtown a week or two after the initial botched attempt. It went well. That too, would be another interesting story—but that is not what this story is about.

Suffice it to say, I had not yet gotten the chance to fuck the hell out of W. That’s just about all I could think about. I had met her on a Monday— two days later on a Wednesday, I had an idea. I needed to get in that sweet pussy of hers.

My company was having meetings off-site, close to where W works. It was an oversized facility, and there was a lot of space that wasn’t being used for our group or anyone else’s. In fact, we were the only ones there, besides the facility employees.

With a pretty open schedule during the meetings, I went and scouted out where I was going to get W to let me fuck her. I’m something of a detail-oriented individual (as is W) so I wanted to take into account anything and everything that could pose an obstacle to us getting together.

I started casing out the joint by chatting up the nice old lady at the front desk, who liked talking about everything. Slipped in a few questions about who was there, how long they’d be there, that sort of thing. Once I had her confidence and the information I needed, I told her I’d never been here (which was not true) and asked her if it would it be okay if I just looked around?

“Sure,” she said. “We’re really dead today.”

I walked slowly and deliberately—looking at everything: where every door was, the locations of cameras, what areas was locked or unlocked, the pacing of security and site employees and of course, where the people from my company were going.

An immediate thought was to go to the second floor—my company was not located up there and neither was anyone else. Even the few wanderers in my company will not go upstairs in an area they’re not supposed to be in.

However, “S”, the helpful front desk lady said that they were doing some renovation in one area. Workmen, I thought, are not conducive to a nice first fuck.

The second area was perfect—except for the camera monitoring the stairs and elevator.


Slightly daunted, but sporting what seemed like a day-long erection, I remained focused on my goal. I kept walking, looking around the facility for the “sweet spot”. I sat down in one of the common areas and watched the ebb and flow of people in, out and around the facility.

A short while later, I had found our spot. The only thing left to do was to let W know I wanted to fuck her in a semi-public place with virtually no notice, and convince her that it would be a good idea.

I would have to be home later in the afternoon, so it would have to happen soon.

I sent an email to her phone at 1:30 in the afternoon.

“are you feeling adventurous?” I wrote. “if so, I have a proposition for you.”

A minute later she had sent her reply.

“Yes. Tell me,” was her response.

~ by bcwecan on August 16, 2009.

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