Our first time….HER perspective Part 2

He tells me to trust him. Or maybe he doesn’t actually say that, but when he looks into my eyes, that is what it feels like he is saying and I do. I do trust him, so I follow him into the room, avoiding the cameras.

I am nervous and so is he. It’s a risk to be together, even casually, but we don’t care. It is worth the risk.  As usual when we are together, the world falls away. Alone for the first time since we met, we kiss passionately, moaning quietly into each others mouths.

His hand is up my skirt and I am dripping wet. His two fingers slip inside me and it doesn’t take much for me to cum. He feels so good to touch and kiss, his fingers inside of me know exactly what to do, where to go, and how to make me scream. But I cannot because we are in a public place and he tells me “shh”.

I stroke his cock with my hand and he is hard. I want him inside of me. When we hold hands it gives me chills so I cannot imagine what it would feel like to have him deep within me and I want him so bad. But his hand is up my skirt again, finding my spots and I cannot resist, I cum for the second time.

When he is done, I take his hand away, push him gently but firmly against the wall, drop his pants, and take him in my mouth. He seems surprised but elated and he gasps and moans. I look up at his face with his cock in my mouth to see his head tilted back and his eyes closed. I tease and play with his cock, cupping his balls, licking his shaft up and down, flicking the tip with my tongue, catching his eye, and taking him deep into my mouth. His hands reach around, grab my head and hair and force me to take him deeper while I fuck him with my mouth. I want to make him cum, to taste him with my mouth, but I am greedy and I want him inside of me more.

This isn’t the time for passion, this is the time to fuck. So he bends me over, hikes up my skirt and pounds me from behind. I cum again feeling him inside of me. I have wanted this for what feels like forever, even though, it has only been a few days. He cums inside of me while he grabs my hips and watches my ass, my skirt pushed up around my waist, heels on, and my hands holding the bar.

When we finish, we are sweaty and shaky. We leave the place and walk hand in hand to the park where we sit on a bench near the pond and talk. We touch and kiss, while replaying the moments of the afternoon and our time together. And then, he tells me his name….

~ by bcwecan on August 24, 2009.

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