Late night car fun-HER perspective

We always have plans to meet, it is never spontaneous. and this week was one where he was so busy that I would have to wait until Friday to see him. Of course, we chat every night, and have chat sex as well. But we are still so fucking horny and wanting each other. We’ve met twice privately and fucked, but every other time has been public. That never stops him from reaching up my skirt and making me cum, usually several times.  But I never get to repay the favor, at least not in public… only once on our first meeting with my hand stuck down his pants in a middle of a book store have I even come close… but he stopped me quickly, afraid someone would see.

It was Thursday night, I had an evening meeting that would be over at 9 and he knew this. He was in an all day meeting and wouldn’t be done until after 8, so we’d have some contact during the day, but very little. So I missed him. At 8:59 pm, I received my first call, then two more followed until I finally had turned my phone’s ringer back on and answered, it was him. I never know, his number comes up “restricted”, so I answer very business like until I hear his voice.  He asked me where I was and I told him I was just leaving my meeting. He was in our usual spot and wanted to see me.  Of course I would go and it took me 15 minutes to make a 25 minute trip to where he was, I couldn’t get there fast enough.

We spent the evening walking and talking, kissing, and just being together, both of us wishing we could tear our clothes off. He had made a request that sometime soon I masturbate in front of him while he watched and kissed me. Considering I never even admitted to masturbating to my husband and would still deny it to him this day, this would be something new for me. But with R, things are different. He brings out my sexual side and I WANT to try new things. He knows I masturbate, because he makes me cum daily on chat as I make him cum AND I had given him pictures, but he wanted to see it live.

In the car, he unzipped my pants slid his hands near my pussy to see if it was wet and then I took over. It was dark out, but we were in an area where many people walk and so it was extremely likely that someone would come by at any minute, but once again, we didn’t care. When we are together, no one else exists. I was extremely wet and horny from spending time with him throughout the evening so I was ready to cum.

I inserted one finger inside my pussy and another rubbed my clit, while I looked into his eyes and kissed him. It is so erotic, masturbating while he watches and urges me on. As my breathing got heavier and my eyes closed he kissed my neck, I imagine watching my hand, while he whispered, “come on, cum, cum hard”. I love the whispering thing he does and it does only make me cum harder. When I finish, we kiss and he says “do you have a present for me?” and I pull out my hand from my wet pussy and he licks my fingers clean.

Now it’s my turn to reciprocate, but he says no. I don’t listen. I kiss him and rub his hard dick through his pants. I reach for his belt, he stops me. I grab his zipper, he says “no zipper”, I ignore him as I unzip him and pull his hard cock out. He is nervous and although willing to make me cum just about anywhere no matter who is around, he is much more inhibited with himself. But I am not giving up.  What I know, is that he has never cum in a woman’s mouth and that he wants to and I want him to. So I am going to give him this, if only I can convince him to let me.

I have his dick out and I’m stroking it with my hand and he is so fucking horny and he’s moaning and you know he wants my mouth on his dick, so I bend over to give it to him and he says no. I try again, he won’t let me. He says “just play with my dick a bit more”, so I do. Then I begin to whisper in his ear. I tell him that I want his dick in my mouth and that I want to taste his cum, he continues to resist. I persist with the persuasion as he continues to moan. I ask again, he says no, but I know that he wants to, so soon I change tactics and begin telling him that all he has to do is say yes. He is getting ready to explode and his breathing is ragged, I am still whispering and encouraging him to let me take him in my mouth, when finally he does not resist.

I lean over and place  my lips and  mouth on his cock taking him deep, it does not take long before I feel his warm, wet cum in my mouth. He is loud when he comes. I swallow, sit up and kiss him. He smiles the most amazing smile.  He has just given up control to me and let me convince him to do something he wants but is scared to do and it is exciting. And I know, it’s just the beginning of our adventures together.

He leaves soon after to head home as do I and I can still taste him in my mouth the entire way home…. and can’t wait to taste him again.

~ by bcwewantto on August 25, 2009.

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