Cum and Meet Me in the Park-HER perspective

How many times has he stuck his hand up my skirt to find me commando and soaking wet? Too many to count. Yesterday was no different. In our first visit to the park, as we sat under our tree, we kissed, and stroked while he made me dripping wet and cum twice. He tried to make me keep my eyes open while I came and he whispered dirty things to me, but I couldn’t keep them open, despite my desire to look into his beautiful eyes.

Later,  he pointed the camera up my skirt and took pictures of my naked, wet pussy to use for his own devices at a later time. All this in a busy park in the middle of the afternoon with people all around.

We did  something different then, we went and had dinner and drinks. As many times as we have been together; as many details as we have shared; as many times as we have made each other cum; we had never seen the other eat.

Before leaving the restaurant, he removed his underwear, per my request. Then we headed back to the park. It was raining so we got an umbrella and a blanket with a plastic bottom from my trunk and went back to “our” spot.

Sitting next to him, my legs were spread and his fingers were inside of me, two maybe three, aggressively and expertly he pounded me with his fingers. I had taken his dick out through his zipper, he was nervous, but he let me. It was easy without the underwear in the way.  I love him commando.

He finished me and I moaned.   His dick was still out and it was hard. I tried to take him in my mouth, but he resisted. I had no plans to give in to his resistance and waited patiently until he would give me the okay. He instructed me then to rub him with my fingertips, something I had done before and that he had loved. I did. When I could I took him in my mouth, but he wouldn’t let me finish him then, so I went back to work with my fingertips, up and down his shaft and almost tickling the tip of his cock. When I could, I went down and fucked him with my mouth, harder and faster as he asked me to.

Interrupted by others in the park, I had to go back to my “handy” work until it was once again safe.  He was so serious, horny yes, but nervous.  He very much likes the public part of our relationship;  we make each other cum in public as much as possible; but, when he is the one being exposed or vulnerable, he is less adventurous.

I took him in my mouth for the final time and fucked him hard with my lips, mouth, and throat, until he started to say over and over that he was cuming. He came in my mouth and I swallowed his sweet cum. As soon as his dick was out of my mouth and zippered up “safe”, he was smiling a huge grin. No longer nervous now, but rather, very satisfied, calm, serene, and happy.

~ by bcwewantto on August 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “Cum and Meet Me in the Park-HER perspective”

  1. Him not wearing underwear is so very hot indeed :-).

    Thank you for the blogrolling and I’m enjoying your experiences apart and together *hugs*.

    • Oh yes, I agree, I love it when he isn’t wearing underwear, makes for more fun when “playing”….

      Your welcome for the blogroll….your blog is my favorite!!!! I totally wanted to comment on your post about the relentless men and their responses to your posts, I had some very similar experiences, i.e. cock pictures, guys who would not go away, etc.

      We have a very fun weekend planned, so hopefully we shall have new posts up soon!


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