Photography Session- HER Perspective

Alone again! We are getting better and better at stealing time and finding places to be alone. We are getting better at other things as well…. like telling each other what we want, where we want it, and how we want it.

We both have fantasies, many of them have already been fulfilled in our past few weeks of adventures together, but we both have plenty more to come. Never do we feel embarrassed to tell the other what we want or what we would like to try. This is such a beautiful part of our relationship and is likely a large contributor to our ability to push our limits, discover new things, and achieve unbelievable levels of pleasure.

This night was no different when after quickly shedding our clothes (we do not make an ordeal out of this part, the clothes are in the way, get them off as quick as possible and get naked, none of this “undress each other” shit) we tumbled to the bed.

He finger fucked me to orgasm a few times and I went down on my knees to give him head; when he said that he would love to take a picture of me with his cock in my mouth. I said sure, got up and got the camera from my purse.

We have done some photography before, I have sent him pictures of my fingers in my pussy and he has taken a few pictures of my wet, naked pussy under my skirt (see Cum and Meet Me in the Park for more details of this), but this would include my face and his cock.

He took several pictures while I did my best to take him deep in my mouth, look him in the eye (or camera), and lick his shaft up and down. A few shots of my breasts perfectly framing his cock, some nice ones of me with a mouthful, and then I stole the camera and took some of him and his sexy naked body.  We created our first set of still-frame porn.

Proud of our art work, we looked through the pictures several times that night and again another time later in the week. To see my own picture, buck naked from head to toe with his cock in my mouth, was erotic, dangerous, and arousing.

Another first for us occurred after the photography session concluded and I straddled him, wet pussy on his hard cock.  Rubbing him up and down, wanting him inside me, I knew he wanted to be inside me too, right then, no condom, just him and me.

He didn’t resist (much) and a few deft movements of my hips, probably a little help from his, and he was inside of me bareback.  He once asked me to describe how it feels to have a bare cock inside me versus one with a condom and I really could not do it. I don’t know if I can now either, except to say that it does feel very different. The contact of the skin of his cock against the walls of my pussy, Mmmmm, even now thinking about it makes me wet and ache for his cock.

That feeling, the electricity that coursed from his hard cock inside of me sent me reeling into orgasm quickly and very hard. It was a multiple orgasm, explosions occurring one after the next, each one stronger than the previous one.

He wanted me to come again after that, I told him I could not, but then I sat up on his cock, leaned way back and he bucked me with his hips. Surprisingly I came hard again. This was not a multiple but was very strong.

I believe he had other plans on how he would cum, either pulling out or in a different position, but I think my orgasms and the wetness that followed each; caused him not to be able to hold on any longer. I was glad, I wanted him to cum and cum now. He told me he was going to cum and as usual I told him “cum”. I wanted him to cum inside me. No question. And he did.

I stayed on top of him for a long time after that, resting and enjoying the sensation of closeness between us.

~ by bcwewantto on September 2, 2009.

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