Am I the Submissive One? – HER Perspective

Another meeting + alone time = amazing sex, mind blowing orgasms, and a couple more firsts.  Our firsts for this experience include:

1. I fucked him in my house in my bed.

2. he talked on the phone to his spouse while I watched,  admiring his naked body

3. we laid nearly naked on my bed and looked at our blog together, and shared our excitement about the over 2000 hits in two weeks time!

We love blogging and sharing our experiences, it’s the exhibitionist side of us coming out. Would you guess that both of us can be shy at times? Or that if you met either of us in public, you would NEVER guess this about us?

Above, I wrote “I fucked him”, but really, I think it’s more that HE FUCKED ME! I’m always ready to give up the control in the bedroom. But as I told him long ago, he can have it, but he must “take” it from me. Well, I believe, he has most definitely taken that control.

On the bed, naked, he controls me with his fingers deep inside me and his lips on my clit. I welcome the one or two orgasms that this always brings about, but then I am ready to move on, to take him in my mouth, or to ride his cock. I suggest that we 69, he says “no”. I tell him I want his cock inside me, he says “no, not yet”.  This is when he exerts his power.

He doesn’t let me get up, or move away, or fuck him with my mouth. I tell him that he can’t make me cum again until I do some reciprocating, he refuses and does not remove his hand, I shake my head and refuse to cum. This only spurs him on…

He becomes more fierce, his voice becomes gravely and deep, and he starts telling me that I’m going to cum. I am thinking and saying “no, that I am not” until of course, he hits my G-stop and he has to practically hold me down so that I do not squirm off the bed. The orgasm is so powerful, so overwhelming, and I cannot lay still. I cannot stay quiet. He is sure I will cum for him, and I do.

He does not relent. My breathing is ragged, I am sweating, and my mouth is dry from all the moaning and gasping that I have been doing. I have tried to pull him on top of me so that he will fuck me. He will not. I beg, but he refuses.

It is the combination of torture and pleasure. I am dying to fuck him, to feel him inside of me, yet I cannot stop fucking cuming. He laughs and smiles and teases me each time, “did you cum?” he says whenever I finish, knowing full well that I have.

At some point I do manage to take him in my mouth after having a couple of drinks to wet my mouth, he suggests that the next title of our post should be “Beer and Blow Jobs” as I am taking swigs of the beer in between sucking on his cock.  My laugh is muffled because his cock is in my mouth.

We are taking our time, because we have a lot of it right now, alone in my bedroom. And he continues to be in control. I’d like to think that when his cock is in my mouth and he is moaning with pleasure that I am the one with the power, but no, it is more that he is “allowing” me to give him pleasure.

Whatever, I’ll take it. I love to taste his cock. I love to lick it, and suck it, and take it deep. I try new things just to see if he likes them. He does. I would love to make him cum in my mouth even though I so badly want to fuck him. He is not about to let that happen. He will cum in my mouth when sex is not available, but when it is, he would much rather cum inside of me.

After awhile of giving him head, I take a break to get another drink, and he decides that he has allowed me enough time to work on him and again has his hand between my legs.

I cannot even count my orgasms at this point. But he forces me to have at least two more. My body responds to his touch. His finger is like a hook that keeps me close to him and he seems to hold my pelvis down with his hand so that I cannot get away.

At the time, I was thinking that I took over then, but realize now that he was ready to fuck me, and he “let” me climb on top of him. He insisted on the condom (the safe sex man has returned) and I grabbed it and put it on him. He was inside me as quickly as I could manage.

While I was on top, he was forceful and aggressive, he told me to “ride me hard”, “fuck my cock”, “get off on my cock”,  “make me your fuck toy” and “fucking cum”. I did as I was told. I fucked him hard. I made myself cum off of his cock with the deep, unstoppable, multiple orgasms that are never ending and completely out of my control. After two “holy shit, that was amazing” kind of orgasms, I told him I couldn’t cum anymore.

He asked me if I was challenging him and I told him I wasn’t. The truth, I was exhausted, sweaty, and needed a break. So I flipped over for him and stuck my ass in the air. He entered me from behind and ordered me , “play with your clit”. I did and reached my fingers back to massage his balls while my thumb took care of my clit. Another orgasm…

He told me to turn over and he was on top. Flat against me, chest to chest, our hands intertwined, my legs wrapped around his back, and our lips touching, he came inside of me.

We have AMAZING sex together, the best either of us have ever had. There is warmth, passion, lust, experimentation, understanding, laughter, and powerful, overwhelming, unstoppable, and out-of-this -world orgasms!

Am I the submissive one in this relationship? Oh yes, I believe I am. And I like it. Do I have power here? Sure I do, when he lets me. I wouldn’t change a thing.

~ by bcwewantto on September 4, 2009.

One Response to “Am I the Submissive One? – HER Perspective”

  1. God, I love this post. Sometimes you are the submissive one. Sometimes you control me and have power over me.

    Missing you.


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