I fucked her into submission…. HIS Perspective

Just wanted you to know that W won’t be posting her perspective on this one anytime soon.

She’s gathering her breath. She’s barely begun speaking in sentences again.

She’s just padded off in a towel….naked underneath.

Oh, how I love making her cum.

We met again, in our spot. We’ve begun to tweet, back and forth. Leaving little messages for each other on Twitter.

We went back to the place she had picked out.

I fucked her into submission.

You see, I’m her fuck toy. Plain and simple. I’m okay with that– I love being her fuck toy. I want to be her fuck toy. I need to be her fuck toy.

I love making her cum. I need to make her cum. She makes me feel sexy when I make her cum.

I even Twittered about making her cum.

In fact, when I was Twittering about it, my cock was in her mouth. It was hard keeping focused on the tweet, but I did it. The things I do for you, dear reader. I think at that point, I had made her cum three times.

“How many times did you make her cum, W?” you ask.

Well, a gentleman never tells.

But, we were trying to recount, because we knew you’d want to know.

Twelve sixteen by a conservative estimate over the span of two hours. Yes, that’s counting the time I told her to masturbate while she had my cock in her mouth. And yes, that’s when I was tweeting.

Never mind that…

Tonight was a night of firsts for us…

  1. Sucking my cock while she was fingering herself.
  2. Tried to watch porn, but as she said “It wasn’t porn, and we weren’t watching it, we were doing our own”.
  3. Reverse cowgirl; seen it, wanted to do it, and I LOVED looking at her luscious ass while she rode my cock.
  4. Sex in the shower; forwards, backwards and every way in between.
  5. Blowjobs and beer– she took the condom off to take me into her mouth and didn’t like the taste of the spermicide. So, she used beer to mask the taste.
  6. She shaved. First time ever. Loved it. Completely bare.
  7. I fucked her, made her cum and then pulled out and came in her mouth.

She’s looking at me from her bed as I type this on my laptop, using her neighbor’s wi-fi. But I don’t care.

It’s not a come-hither look, either.

It’s more of a “holy shit, you just fucked my sex drive into park” type look. (Something we’ve told each other each time after we have sex.)

She asked me after we showered together after sex (another first),

“How is it good for you to not cum for two hours, how is it amazing sex for you?”

The answer is simple.

I’ve never been able to do this before. With anyone. Period.

Making her cum makes me feel sexy, wanted, amazing, manly, studly for starters.

You’re probably reading our posts, thinking “Oh, this isn’t real. Sex is never like this for anyone, anywhere, regardless. This is probably all made up.”

Our number one rule when we post to the blog is NO FICTION.

I will never read someone’s post that starts out with “She wrapped her fingers around his hard cock”. It’s boring. There’s no turn-on. I’d rather look at porn than read it. Waste of my time and my life.

I want to know what happened to people, what there experiences are.

I’ve never had a sex life like this with anyone, ever. Plain and simple.

I’ve never fucked someone with my hands, mouth and cock for two hours without cumming. I never thought it could be done.

I am living proof that you too can achieve this.

W is looking at me from the bed, smiling with her mouth and her eyes.

Did you know she actually told me “No more?”. Best compliment I’ve ever received.

She is amazing. I am lucky to be fucking her into submission.

And, as soon as I post this, she’s going to read it.

You all may envy us now.

~ by bcwecan on September 5, 2009.

9 Responses to “I fucked her into submission…. HIS Perspective”

  1. MMM…Lucky girl.My husband is great too,unfortunatley there are just not enough men out there like you guys.

  2. I agree, there are far too few guys like R is this world…I’ve never met anyone like him. And no one has ever fucked me the way he has in my life. You are right, I am a very “Lucky girl”…

  3. […] he fucked me into submission, I agree 100%. (Read “I fucked her into submission-HIS perspective” for details from this night) I’m probably articulate now, but it took some […]

  4. I’ll tell her you said this, but I don’t know if we’d do it. We have our reasons…

    • Although we enjoy taking pictures of each other, I think we’ve decided that for right now, those pictures are just for us. Thank you for the request though, if we change our minds, we will let you know. And who knows, we just might. 🙂 We’d love to see yours though. Can you give us the link for your blog?



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