He fucked me into submission- HER response to his post

Two hours…countless orgasms…exceptional sex…shower sex….hours of snuggling and snoozing…picnic in bed…. AHHHHHHHH….

Yes, he fucked me into submission, I agree 100%. (Read “I fucked her into submission-HIS perspective” for details from this night) I’m probably articulate now, but it took some time.

Mostly during the time we were together I managed to put together a few phrases that included “please fuck me”, “let’s shower”, “oh my god”, and finally “please, no more orgasms”…. I actually had to beg him to stop making me cum.

I seriously did not think that I my body could handle having another orgasm. Not that he couldn’t make me do it, he could, but I felt I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Why couldn’t I just stop? I don’t know. My orgasms seem to be out of control with him. How is it that he can make me cum even when I am fighting it, even when I say, “I’m too tired”, or even when I believe that I have no orgasms left in my body? This is a mystery to me. But the answer is of no concern as I have no desire to change it. He’s pushing my limits, taking me to levels of ecstasy that I did not know existed… oh my god, he is amazing and I submit myself to his abilities.  

After the two hours of orgasms, my legs were shaking, they were like spaghetti as I tried to walk. My sentences were incoherent, and I was exhausted. Not mentally exhausted or even sleepy, but the kind of exhausted you feel after you have run a marathon.  Throughout the time, I felt like I was high. As if I was smoking pot or was extremely drunk, even though I never even drank half of a beer, other than licking it off of his cock.

Pure bliss. Our time together was pure bliss. Every moment of it, whether we were fucking, trying something new, experiencing orgasms, showering, snuggling, laughing, blogging, or talking; it was wonderful.

After he posted “I fucked her into submission- HIS perspective”, he came and laid with me on the bed. He was naked and after awhile I couldn’t help but rub his cock a little. To my surprise, he became aroused and said he wanted to fuck me. I complied as I always do and got on top of him.

I told him “this is for you” and once again he took me by surprise because he listened. He let me give him this gift. He let me ride him until he came and he did not worry or try to make me cum. When he told me “I’m going to cum” a short while later, I was thrilled and urged him on “cum”!  Not because I was tired and didn’t want to fuck him anymore, but because he had never cum twice in one night with me. And because I was so happy that he was willing to cum again and accept something from me without giving me something in return.

When he was done, he was tired, and his breathing was heavy….it was once again, pure bliss. 

We laid wrapped in each others arms; completely sexually satisfied. We both sighed with contentment and I said “There is no where in this world I would rather be right now”. He replied “I agree”and held me tighter.  We fell asleep with our limbs entwined and his head resting on mine.

~ by bcwewantto on September 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “He fucked me into submission- HER response to his post”

  1. Wow.

    I love coming here and realizing you’ve posted.

  2. Good. I like to surprise you.

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