A Drive in the Country – HER Perspective

After six days of not seeing each other, which felt like an eternity to us, we finally had our chance. Unfortunately, as is often the case for us, our meeting would have to take place in public. This is not a bad thing, as we enjoy getting each other off in public. But if I were being honest, a good naked fuck would have been my choice. A private place would have been preferable as it would allow us to take our time and “enjoy the journey, not just the destination” as one of our twitter friends put it.

But knowing that we would not have this private place to meet, I decided that no matter what, I was going to give him head and get him off. He had mentioned that he had never had “road head” in a previous meeting and when I suggested it, his eyes lit up. He resembled a kid on Christmas morning knowing he was about to get just what he asked for.

We stopped at a bar to have something to eat and drink before heading out for our drive as I was hungry. (pun intended) During this, what was supposed to be quick stop, we engaged in some very meaningful and intense conversation, that honestly made me forget my hunger (for food that is) and made me anxious to get out on the road. He was also.

He was commando the whole day; while I took my panties off in the bar.  The funny thing about him being commando is the change in him it represents. The first time we ever met, he requested that I be commando and I agreed if he did the same.  He was hesitant and came fully dressed, only later did he take his underwear off in the bathroom.  I then asked him to remain commando for his drive home, after our several hours of teenage like “making out” throughout a book store. (We’ve talked about whether to write about our first meeting, having not decided to in the past, I think that it will be my next post).

He wasn’t comfortable being commando that first time and even in the subsequent times, it was at my urging and insistence that he go commando that he did. Now, however, he does it on his own. He WANTS me to be able to get him off in public, whether that be the park, the car, the bar, the bookstore, or coffee shop. I love this change. He is taking chances and risks that although make him nervous at first, make him feel free once completed.

He drove and headed for a country road and almost immediately I had my hand inside his pants. When he asked for me to take him in his mouth on the freeway, I willingly obliged as I thought he’d make me wait until a more private setting. He is more private than I; I’d have happily given him head while we drove down the highway, with the semi-truck drivers watching. As well as those driving the SUV’s, trucks, and mini-vans. Just about any car is taller than my car. I would not care if they got a show, good for them, hope it would make them hard or wet. But he made me stop when cars came close.

The interesting thing about the “road head” or blow jobs in general that I give him, is that I LOVE sucking his cock. I love it.  The weird part, I have never loved it before. Hell, I hated it. I never did it, never wanted to do it, and would avoid it at all costs. I was one of those girls that said “do not cum in my mouth” if I ever even gave the guy a blow job at all. And now here I am, urging him to let me take his cock in my mouth, telling him to cum in my mouth, and swallowing his sweet cum whenever given the chance.

I’m not sure what made this change come about. I think that I was tired of being reserved sexually. Tired of being the “good girl”. I also realized that I am a sexual being. I enjoy sex. I want sex. I crave sex. I need sex.  But I also want to give pleasure, not just get it.

When I take him in my mouth, he moans. He watches me with this beautiful look on his face, a combination of desire and pleasure. Perhaps it is similar to the look he described in my eyes on the one occasion I was able to keep my eyes open while I came. He said what he saw in my eyes was “hunger”. I think in some ways he is also a little amazed. Amazed that I’m so willing to do this for him, amazed that I WANT to do this for him.

On the freeway, I took him in my mouth and let him grow hard within my lips. This is my favorite part, feeling his arousal increase as I suck and lick his cock as it gets big and hard in my mouth.  Being a perfectionist, I want to give him the best blow job he has ever had, so I am constantly trying to improve my technique. I look at websites for tips, ask him what he likes, experiment, and just keep trying to get better at it. Lately I’ve been much more skilled at taking him deep into my throat, taking his whole cock (at times) into my mouth and throat, something that I’ve never been able to do before. When I do this, he moans loudly. The first time he said in amazement “did you just take my whole cock in your mouth?”. I’m pretty sure I mumbled something like “yes” as it is hard to talk with a cock in your mouth. : )

On the country road, he gave me free rein and I sucked his cock alternating between gentle and hard, long and short strokes, sucking on the tip and taking him deep. Because we were out away from people, he let me continue to suck on him while he continued to come and did not rush to zipper himself up.

I’m surprised and delighted to say that I enjoy the taste of his cum. At times, I cannot swallow it all while other times it slides right down my throat.

He finger fucked me while we drove back and I came twice, he began to try for three, but I stopped him. The truth is that when I cum, it only makes me want him more. I want his cock inside of me and nothing less will do at that moment. So I could not allow further orgasms, as I knew that I would not have a chance to ride his cock. Not that day anyways.

On our way back, we held hands, my head on his shoulder, his head against mine.  I  would have given anything just to pull over, grab a blanket and lay in his arms for just awhile longer, (well, if I’m giving anything, why not a good hard naked fuck while we are on the blanket), but our time was about up. He told me then how he had wanted to ask me for “road head” but hadn’t and he was happy I suggested it. I asked him why he didn’t just suggest it to begin with, he said that sometimes he forgets that I like to give him head. That I want to do this for him, when he is so used to the opposite.

We weren’t searching for this, whatever you want to call what “we” are, we both were basically looking  for was a good fuck, maybe a good fuck friend. What we found was a good fuck, but also so much more. A place where I am me and he is him. We express our wants, needs, and desires openly. Although we both hesitate at times; as our trust in one another grows, I think that we will be even more open in the future. I hope that he will continue to grow in his confidence to ask me to do whatever it is that he wants, as I will grow in mine.

At this point, nothing he has ever asked for has been something I wasn’t willing or didn’t want to do. I am open and willing to explore with him, on whatever road that takes us.

Read his version, A Drive in the Country – HIS Perspective .

~ by bcwewantto on September 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “A Drive in the Country – HER Perspective”

  1. I SO love reading your posts. Sigh. Missing you. Like I was there all over again, wish I could be.


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