Sweet Release, Finally – HER perspective

Eleven days of no fucking and finally sweet release!!!! Have you ever felt like there is nothing that can fill you, satisfy you, or satiate your appetite but a hard cock? This has been my feeling over the last 11 days.  So horny that it was painful, I spent my days thinking of R and his cock, mouth, and hands and what I wanted them to do to me. Selfish, I know, but aren’t we all at times?

We finally met, had a few drinks, then drove to our motel room. It was our only option for privacy on this day and well, it was a necessity.  He had been sick and not feeling well all week and I hoped he would be recovered by our time together. At the bar his voice was hoarse and he coughed some. I asked him if he didn’t want to do this, we could just hang out together, I didn’t want to hurt him and as horny as I was, I thought I just might if he wasn’t up to par. Thankfully, he said he was feeling fine and wanted to fuck me as badly as I wanted to fuck him, so our plans for the room were on.

I brought my new bag of toys  (read about the toys at Patience is NOT my virtue) and he was so interested to see them we even viewed a few before making it to the room. He was intrigued.  In the room, we went through the items more thoroughly and I think he was a bit surprised by the power of the vibrators and the size of the g-spot vibrator. He remarked “it looks like a cock”. I smiled “that’s the point”.

We removed our clothing, so eager to be naked and in each others arms.  It had been so long, too long. On the bed, he quickly made me wet and made me come.  He used the small pocket vibrator because it was brand new and I hadn’t given it a try yet, he said. It worked well, the powerful vibrations inside of me felt good, but the addition of him using it on me and his mouth and tongue licking and sucking on my clit, sent me over the edge. He used the g-spot vibrator then and used that one along with his mouth again to send me once again moaning into orgasm.

The whole time I was coming, enjoying the toys, and his mouth I was thinking about his cock. I believe I asked for his cock a few times, he refused “not yet”. He likes me to beg, I think, he wants me to. He relishes the opportunity to  tease me, torture me, and push me to the point where I can no longer take it.  I know at a few points I had his cock in my  mouth, testing out the vibrating tongue, and would not stop when he told me to stop (also, enjoying making him squirm and desire release).

He likes to refuse me and my efforts to pleasure him, but whenever I offer my mouth, I am able to overcome his objections very easily. My hand reaching for his cock often gets knocked away, but my mouth going for his cock is enthusiastically welcomed.  This is a good thing because I love having his cock in my mouth and I love how much he loves having his cock in my mouth.

At some point, it is all very blurry for me right now, even though it was less than 24 hours ago I made him stop, removed his hand and forcefully climbed on top of him.  Perhaps this was waiting he was waiting for. Waiting for me to take control and make him my fuck toy.

Once his cock was inside of me it was pure bliss. I had been waiting for this for so long. He had been teasing me throughout the night letting the tip of his cock rub up against my aching pussy. I asked him to just stick it in a little, but he’d say no. On top of him, I rode his cock which felt like a puzzle piece that fit perfectly inside of me. As if it was made just for me. And I was made for him.

The sensation of his cock, his words, telling me to cum, and my need led to several orgasms on top. When I was spent (for now), he told me to lick his cock clean. So I did. I’m not sure if he’d ever asked me to do this before, but I like it when he tells me to do things for him. I continued to suck his cock for a while and then we fucked some more. He told me to get back on top and get off on his cock some more. So I did as I was told.

Afterward, he asked me once again to lick his cock clean and while I was doing just that he had me flip around so that he could lick my pussy while I sucked his cock.

There is something so erotic about having his head buried between my legs while I have his cock in mine. The harder and faster he went with his tongue, the deeper I took his cock into my mouth and throat. Soon, I was coming and I continued to come with his cock in my mouth. Sucking him off while the orgasm flowed through my body.

When I had cum again and he still had not come, he suggested a shower. We love to shower together and continue our sex while in the shower. He got up and I was still laying on the edge of the bed recovering from my previous orgasm when he walked in front of me. I said something about how he should just fuck me and he bent down and stuck his cock in me “like this?” he said. I moaned and said “yes” and then he pulled out. Such a tease!

In the shower we washed each other and kissed. I got on my knees and gave him head for a while. And then we attempted to try a position in the shower, but this shower was so small, we gave up and went to the bed.

When we laid down though, we just snuggled for a while, my head on his chest and my hand on his cock. I asked him how he wanted to fuck next but he said he was just enjoying laying as we were naked in each others’ arms. Then we fell asleep.

When I woke up, it was late so I got dressed, packed up our toys, and then crawled over him to kiss his face and wake him up. I told him he had to get up and that he needed to cum before he left. He seemed so tired and not very interested in that idea. “I don’t think I can” he said. “Not even if I went down and took your cock into my mouth?” I said. That worked and he moved his hips and the blanket so I could take him in my mouth.

He was completely flaccid when I took him in my mouth but in no time he was long, thick, and hard as I took him deep. I sucked his cock for quite some time, he was really enjoying it. He kept moving his legs and bringing up his hips. And he continued to moan. He brought his hands down to feel my face and my lips as they stroked his cock. He stroked my face, head, and hands with his hands, grabbing my hands at some point and squeezing them tightly as he got closer to the end.

He asked if he could fuck me from behind and I took off my panties, hiked up my skirt, and got on all fours so that he could pound me from behind. He didn’t have to pound me very long before he said “can I cum in your mouth”. I told him yes and when he was ready I spun around and took his cock in my mouth to finish him.

His orgasm was very intense and the amount of cum that he orgasmed filled my entire mouth. It took a second to swallow it all down and I looked up at him with mouth filled with his cum.

He dressed then and we headed back to reality. Sigh.

As I drove home, all I could smell was his cock on my face and lips. It was a nice smell and I breathed it in. It made me long for more.

Read R’s perspective on this night at Christmas in September- HIS perspective, it is great!

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~ by bcwewantto on September 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “Sweet Release, Finally – HER perspective”

  1. loved your post! reminds me of an affair i was in…and still dip into from time to time…

    lookin forward to your next posts x

    • thank you so much. yes, this affair is unlike anything either of us has experienced before now. it’s quite intense.

  2. Wow. It’s so vivid, it’s like I was there. Oh wait– I WAS there. 🙂

    Missing you. Great post, as always.

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