Public Acts of Sex – HER perspective

A milestone, I met his friends. And it went well. There was a thrill in getting to meet not only in public as we often do, but in public with people who know us (or one of us) and who know we are in an affair. They do not judge. They understand. Then they see him with me and are surprised by the affection between us.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised by the affection between us. I certainly am. I have never been with someone who I could not be in reaching distance of without touching him. He is the same with me.

In front of his friends, I felt a little shy. Then he would kiss me and I would forget why I was feeling shy. Before I knew it his hand was up my skirt as they sat across the table from us. He showed no hesitation in displaying his affection in front of them. If not in a public place, I think he might have gotten down on his knees and stuck his head up my skirt while I talked to his friends.

He wanted me to cum, right there at the table while his friends talked and laughed with us. He had me take off my panties when I went to the restroom and I obliged. But I could not allow myself to cum at the table. I was sure that they could see his hand that clearly led to the wet spot between my legs, he said they couldn’t, nor did they care.

I still couldn’t do it though, but I allowed him to play, and enjoyed his handy work. My hand often found the bulge between his legs and massaged him through his jeans.

As much fun as I had with him and his friends, I missed our alone time. I missed OUR conversations and passionate kisses that could not happen while we were with them. They sensed our need for some alone time, perhaps they to could feel the “hunger” between us as we sat constantly touching across the table from them.  They encouraged us to go and have some fun while they stayed behind for a while. We did not hesitate and took our leave after pleasant good byes.

Alone, well not truly alone, as we were in the park, but alone enough, our kisses increased in urgency. We found a secluded area and I began my campaign for sex in public.  He was resistant.

He once again found my wet slit with his fingers while we kissed passionately and brought me to orgasm twice. Then I began to work on his cock. I think he told me I couldn’t take it out of his pants, but I ignored his protests and went down on my knees on the wet pavement.

I think he had been hard all night long and was clearly so horny that he may have wanted to resist having his cock out in the middle of a public park, but he couldn’t.  There were people around as there always is at this park, but we were hidden in the shadows of the trees and shrubs. He made me stop when someone came close to us and I stood back up. However, I did not “stop” completely. Instead I hiked up my skirt and bent over.

His cock was out and hard and I easily won him over with this maneuver. I’m not sure what I said at this point, probably something like “fuck me” or maybe I didn’t have to because it took only a moment before he acted and had his hard cock heaving inside of me.  He pounded me from behind while I played with my clit and when he came he pulled out. 

He didn’t ask me to, but I wanted to, so as soon as he said “I’m cuming”, I turned around got on my knees and took him in my mouth and swallowed his cum. 

He put his cock away then and I pulled down my skirt and we went to an area in the park where we could sit and talk for the rest of the night.  I enjoyed our new exhibitionist act. I don’t know if anyone could see us. I don’t care if they did. I certainly wouldn’t have minded if someone enjoyed watching us, but that’s me. 

Now that we’ve had sex in public, I know that we will do it again and again. I can’t wait. Neither can he. Wish it could be today or right now. Fuck,  I’m horny again….

~ by bcwewantto on October 1, 2009.

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