Sex in Inappropriate Places – HER perspective

Last night…ahhhh…last night was amazing.  I had no hope that we would have time alone together. And with the weather, I didn’t think sex in the park was going to happen either, so I had resigned myself to the idea that sex would likely not occur.

But when I got his text that suggested that there might just be a possibility for alone time I was elated! Even more so, when I arrived at the place we would meet and he was waiting for me outside. We were both a little nervous. This place was somewhere that neither of us had ever expected to fuck. Yet, here we were, alone and horny.

Inside we kissed and said hello. It had been days since we’d seen each other despite the fact that we had been in constant contact through texts. We both had a busy and long week that had not allowed for us to see one another for more than an hour for a cup of coffee earlier in the week.

He showed me around the place and then headed to the most secluded room, where we would be. He decided to place his shoes back with his things in case someone came and he told me “you should be wearing fewer clothes when I get back”. I loved how he said that. ; )

I removed my heels and jeans and waited for him in my thong, bra, and shirt. I was unsure whether we would be getting completely naked, as there was a small possibility that someone could come there.  I was still kind of nervous. I don’t know why except that my week had been very stressful and left me somewhat vulnerable AND we were in a place that could cause some problems if we were to be caught.

When he returned and found me with less clothes, he moved forward to remove my thong. He wanted to warm me up with an orgasm and so he finger fucked me standing up and I came easily. It was so good to feel his touch, to kiss his lips, and to be close to him.  When I reached down and felt that his cock was not yet hard, I immediately wanted to take advantage of this moment.

I love to make him hard with my mouth. I enjoy the sensation as he gradually grows longer, harder, and bigger in my mouth as I suck his cock. I prefer to do this while he is standing and I am kneeling so I can grab his ass.  He let me work on him for a while, then made me stop so he could go down on me.

He had me sit on a counter and then he got on his knees and put his head between my legs and inserted his tongue into my wet slit. I moaned instantly, it felt so good, so amazing, so ahhhhhhhh. I hadn’t had his face buried between my legs in way too long and I couldn’t help but enjoy this moment. I grabbed his hair with my hands, occasionally squeezed his head with my legs, and moaned loudly as I came multiple times. 

Then we switched positions and he was sitting on the counter while I gave him head and sucked his cock. He won’t let himself cum though. But enjoys getting to a point where he wants to come before making me stop. After awhile he had me sit back on the counter and he went down on me again. He used his fingers and his mouth this time and hit my g-spot. 

The g-spot orgasm was intense as always and he knows exactly where it is and how to stimulate it best. I can’t imagine how loud I was. I just kept cuming and cuming and I couldn’t stop or control it. Nor did I want to, so I didn’t. I waited for him to tell me to be quiet, but he did not do that and instead kept hitting my spot over and over again.

At this point he fucked me while I sat on the counter. Having him slide his cock inside of me felt so good that it almost caused an immediate orgasm. I love that cock! I love how it feels inside of me! I could fuck that cock 24 hours a day! He must of hit the g-stop with his cock then because I once again was moaning and reacting with the same intensity as I do with the g-spot. I kept wrapping my legs around his waist as he pounded into me, all the while I had unending orgasms. As soon as one would stop, the next one would start up again. 

When I came down (for a minute) from one of the orgasms, he told me to suck his cock clean. So I got on my knees and did just that. Then he wanted to fuck me while I leaned up against the table. We did this for a while but the angle and height were just not right, so we moved back to the counter.

We both really liked this position and I had several more orgasms during this time as well. Then he told me he wanted me to ride him, so he layed on the floor while I mounted him. While he’s fucking me or when I’m fucking him, he is always looking at me. He watches me with open eyes and an intense look on his face. His eyes never leave my face. He says he likes to watch me cum. Sometimes when I start cuming intensely right after a previous orgasm he will laugh a little, surprised by yet another orgasm.

The sheer number of orgasms and the intensity that accompanies each one is a testament to his ability to read my body. On top, I cum a few more times with my body held tightly to his and our mouths together at times. Then he wants to fuck me from top, so I sit up, suck his cock a little and then lay back.  He hopes to cum in my mouth and so he plans to tell me when he is going to cum so I can sit up and take him in my mouth. This usually goes well but mostly when he is standing up and taking me from behind, it is more difficult when we are both lying down in missionary position, so when he comes I try to take his load in my mouth, but somehow miss and we believe it ended up on the floor. Although we aren’t sure. : ) A present yet to be found by someone else we presume.

After this fucking session, which was about an hour of pure passion, I am sweaty and hot. We get dressed and try to freshen up before heading out for dinner and drinks. I don’t look nearly as good as I did when I got there as my make up is screwed up, my hair is in tangles, and well I’m a mess. But I feel a thousand times better so I don’t give a fuck.

At dinner, we have a riot. Laughing, joking, and teasing one another. We love to do this. I love to tease and be teased and he is the same way. We both can be so sarcastic at times, but it is never lost on the other. We are the other one’s sarcastic equal. 

After dinner we take a walk in the park. It’s warm enough to walk but I’m in heels so I don’t want to walk much so we choose a bench. He asks me to stick my hand in his pants and rub his cock. “Absolutely” I think.  We aren’t really secluded and there are lights around us, but it is dark and chilly so there are only a few people around. I reach into his jeans and pull out his cock.

He nuzzles my neck and we kiss sweetly while I rub his cock with his favorite finger tip motion. I’m looking around to see if I could put my head down there and give him head for a while, but I am thinking probably not. He is thinking this to. We decide to get up and go to the spot where we had sex last week, but there is someone near there and he appears not to be leaving anytime soon. We exchange a few passionate kisses. R says he wishes I was wearing a skirt so he can bend me over and fuck me from behind.  But alas, I am not.

We go back to the bench and I start working on his cock again.  I tell him “you know, I doubt anyone would notice if at the very end I stuck my head down there for just a few minutes”, he agrees. So I continue to stroke his cock and we kiss and nuzzle, it’s a very tender moment actually, full of desire and emotion. When he gets close I know by his body language and I bend down and finish him off with my mouth.  Right there in a wide open area on a park bench lit by a lamp, I gave him head. Heh. When he is done and has his cock safely tucked away, he smiles a huge grin and kisses me. We have had another amazing night together.

I miss you R.

~ by bcwewantto on October 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “Sex in Inappropriate Places – HER perspective”

  1. Fantastic experience.

  2. Wow, W. Fond memories. Love reading your writing. Just love it. Miss you. (Longing sigh.)

  3. I sure as fuck would like to get to know the chick that wrote that!!!!! Just reading it gave me an erection I had to do a hand job to make go away! I never knew a babe that EVER got that fucking horny and now feel cheated. Oh well, another fucking disappointment – but it sure as fuck doesn’t keep my cock from hardening and cumming!

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