How We Met – HER perspective

Tired and suffocating in my life, I began looking outside of my current situation for something, anything to help me stay afloat.  I answered a Craigslist ad in Casual Encounters. He didn’t attach a picture to his ad, but there was something about his intellect and wit that drew me in. The picture he did attach was of something that I later nicknamed him after. No, it was not a cock. I don’t answer ads with cocks attached. Not my style.

When I replied I told him I was married and about my situation.  I also attached my picture.  He replied that he liked the picture but that he couldn’t talk with me because I was married, a “no no” for him. I understood. I replied that “yes it’s morally wrong, that’s why I say it up front. Oh well. Best of luck to you”.

I continued on with my day, receiving other responses to some other replies that I had made, chatted with a few men, and then went out for a few hours. When I returned there was surprisingly a message from him “yet, you still intrigue me…”.  I replied “now, you are just teasing me”. It went on like this for a while, short playful emails with very little information about him, but he asked me many questions and I answered with vague information.

We never exchanged names, knew very little about what the other one did for a living or any other identifying information. However, intimate things, like our thoughts and feelings were shared. We both talked about our failed marriages and then a lot of trivial information. What we found was that we were very similar, often made the same comments at the same time, and enjoyed each others’ humor and sarcasm.

Eventually there was a suggestion of a meeting. I had met other men through Craigslist, some with success and other times utter failures.  Meeting R was different though. First off, the other men would give me their phone numbers, names, etc. We’d often talk on the phone before meeting and I’d have seen a picture of them and them of me. R was different. I gave him my number, but he would not give me his. I showed him my picture, but he would not show me his. And I was going to meet him blind.

The biggest problem, well, I liked him. I wanted it to go well. My nerves led me to happy hour before I met him and after a few drinks and some pep talks from friends at the bar, I was ready to go. I had dressed up. I was wearing my black skirt with the slit, black heels, and my favorite shirt that showed good cleavage.

I walked to the place where we were meeting. Two men sat outside, one on the computer and one reading. Neither looked up or noticed my entrance so I eliminated them as candidates.  Whenever I had met someone in the past it was clear who they were by how they looked around with anticipation.

I went inside, there were people, but again, none that seemed interested in who I was other than to check me out a little. I ordered some tea and sat down to read while I waited. And I waited and I waited… He did not come. I stared at the back of the gentleman’s head outside who was reading, wondering if I should go up to him and say “Are you R?” But the thought of this was humiliating as I was sure it was not him, he was very engrossed in his book.

I went to the restroom, re-applied my lipstick, fixed my hair, and came out. Still no one new had arrived and the reader was gone.  It’s was 6:30 now, a half an hour past the time we were to meet.  I checked my email from my phone and there was one from him that read “What happened? I was there and didn’t see you. Darn, I really wanted to meet you.” I tried to reply from my phone but couldn’t, so I asked a man with his laptop if I could send a quick email. He allowed me to and so I told R that I was there!!!! Where was he?

I went back to the bar. Drank more and ended up kissing a guy in the back. I lied to them, said that I had met R but we didn’t hit it off because I was too humiliated to admit that he was there, saw me, and left.  Which is of course what I assumed had happened.

We emailed later and he had claimed he never saw me, “whatever” I thought, how is that possible, he knew what I looked like from my picture and the way I was dressed, well, I was very noticeable at this place.  He thought maybe it was meant to be because he still had issues about my married status.  I told him that was fine, but he clearly did not understand my situation. Anyone who knew me wanted me to divorce and out of this marriage. Everyone who cared for me understood that it takes time and finesse when your situation looked like mine. But that was fine. I liked him, but I had others interested, I’d move on. And I still didn’t know what he looked like, although since he had turned out to be the “reader” I did know he was NOT a fat, bald, old guy.

Maybe a week went by without communication, then another email from him “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t still thinking of you”. Thus began the new start of our communications.  I had assumed though that we would just email or chat, I never assumed we would try to meet again and in fact, I was very unsure if I wanted to.

But he suggested it again. I was still not sure I believed the whole deal about the first time. I made him promise me a few things though before we met.

1. He would not leave until we met.

2. He had to take my number with him and call me if he could not find me.

3. He had to tell me what he was wearing.

4. He had to promise to show up.

5. No books.

He promised.

Then he asked me to promise him one thing. He said “if when you see me, if you like what you see, kiss me”. Wow! What a bold request from someone who had not shared his name, number, line of work, picture, or any other real information.  I told him I’d try and then promised but was uncertain if I could do this, I am very shy at first.

We always agreed to go commando and I would wear a skirt. He was unsure about his commando status but I encouraged him. “Wouldn’t it be exciting to know that neither of us were wearing underwear and no one but us would know? But we would both know we were doing it for the other person”. He liked this idea.

I arrived early and sat at the table that he was sitting at the first time. He was to be wearing black. I waited, trying not to look anxious, but I really was. Still I had no idea what to look for other than relative height and a slight idea of hair color. But he came walking down the street, I thought it was him and he looked right at me, he knew it was me. Now was my moment, I was supposed to get up and kiss him.

I couldn’t do it.

He sat down across from me and made a funny comment about my Sudoku puzzle I was doing. I was so nervous, yet he seemed calm.  He just kept looking at me, straight in the eye with this intense stare. Not creepy intense, but intense. We chatted for a while. I was still nervous and tried to explain Sudoku to him, when I brushed his hand with mine. The sensation that I felt was unbelievable and it shocked me. He responded as well. Soon we were almost holding hands on the table. Things started to feel more natural.

I had told him as we were talking that I did want to do what I had promised, to kiss him, but I was too nervous. He seemed to understand, appreciated my honesty, he said. He had gotten up and when he came back he sat right next to me. He came closer and said “what would you do if I kissed you right now” and I answered “I’d kiss you back”. He leaned forward and kissed me then. He moaned the entire time he kissed me. Sweet moans of desire.

Nervous and awkward behaviors were gone now. We got up to go to the bookstore next door. It is a weird place with many small rooms to walk through. Little did I know, he had a plan.  Every time we were alone in a room, we kissed.

Very soon we couldn’t stop touching. Even if it was just a hand on his back or his hand on my neck, we were constantly connected. We worked our way through the store, kissing and exchanging more personal information. When we reached our destination. The erotic book section.

When in the room, we began kissing more passionately and he told me to step up on the stool in the room and find a book to look through. I did what he told me to do and his hand slid up my skirt to my wet slit between my legs. It took but a second and he let out a moan of desire when he realized I was not just wet, I was soaking wet.  He slid his thumb inside of me and began to rub my clit with his fingers.

I put my head on the book shelf and moaned very quietly. At any minute someone could come around the corner, but he continued on and I let him. He started to whisper “cum for me baby”, “come on cum”, and before long I was. I could hear others very close to us, but I continued to come.

This had been a fantasy he had about me before we had even met. He wanted to get me off in the erotic book room with people all around.

When I was finished he took his hand out of my skirt and helped me down. I so badly wanted him to bend me over and fuck me on the table of books in front of me. We kissed some and then he had us move on to other rooms.

We continued to kiss in the rooms and at one point I managed to get my hand inside his pants and massage his cock. He let me for only a few seconds but then made me stop, saying that someone was coming. No one was, but I listened to him anyways.

Our time soon came to an end. Three hours had gone by in the blink of an eye. I had to go and so did he. He walked me to my car and we hugged and kissed. I just stood there in his arms. He was a stranger in most ways, yet I felt like I knew him intimately. I still did not know what his name was, his phone number, or where he worked/what he did. But yet, his arms held me tightly and I didn’t want to leave.

We planned to meet again the next day and the next. And so it began.

(I was never sure that I believed him about that first time. Even though I know he finds me attractive, I just couldn’t ever fathom how he missed seeing me. Until now. I understand after meeting at the same place just two days ago. He knows me inside and out, yet, he looked right at me and walked by me inside the shop. His head was somewhere else. Now, I tease him and text him the clothes I’m wearing when we meet, so he’ll “see” me.)

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