Left Wanting More – Her perspective

It has been a long time since we have been ALONE.  We find time to share our most intimate thoughts in person, text, and chat. And in person, at times we do feel alone, because as we have both said numerous times, the world fades when we are together. But the ability to strip our clothing off, be naked from head to toe, and lavish ourselves with the taste and feel of the other person’s body, has not happened in quite a while.

We find ways to meet our sexual needs. We use chat sex to bring the other to orgasm frequently. With the weather change, we have had to forfeit our blanket in the park and spend time driving in the car. In this manner, we are working to perfect our abilities at “road head” and “road hand”.

This meets our basic needs, but leaves us wanting more. More contact, more time together, more sex.

This week, I took some new pictures of myself for him. At first, I planned to just get a few nice shots of my naked, wet pussy. He has some from before, but not since I’ve started shaving myself completely. So it was time for an upgrade. As I started taking the pictures, I decided to use my hands to add to the fun. The pictures were making me aroused. Then I began using my vibrator, the pictures were getting even better. Soon, it was no longer a picture-taking session alone, but an intense session of masturbation that I captured on camera and later emailed to R. This was intensely gratifying for me. He seemed thrilled too. : )

Tonight we have plans to be alone. He has suggested with the beautiful weather that I may be able to wear a skirt. I plan to do this and lose the underwear as well. I love going commando under my skirt, especially when it means his hand will run up my thigh to test my wetness.

I have shaved my legs and my pussy to make sure I am nice and smooth and I will shower again before I see him. I fully intend to have his face buried between my legs for a significant amount of time tonight and I want to encourage this with my smooth skin and sweet smell. 

I have some other hopes for tonight. Perhaps something I’d like to try on him if he’ll let me. But this I will keep to myself for now.

~ by bcwewantto on October 21, 2009.

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