Mmm…Last Night! – HER perspective

Mmm… last night.  I’ve stopped keeping track of the number of days that go by without having sex with R. It’s annoying and kind of painful. Our lives are so complicated and busy at times. I appreciate all of the moments that we share, but sometimes, I just really need his cock.

When I arrived he greeted me with a huge smile, looked me up and down, kissed me, and led me up the stairs. I wore, as he had requested, a skirt. I wore nothing under the skirt, which he did not specify, but I knew he implied. He has always known me in skirts but with the weather recently, skirts have been much more difficult. But yesterday, was warm.

Our kissing was urgent and passionate as his hand went up my skirt. He wanted to make me cum before we did anything more, but even though it felt great, I couldn’t cum. I wanted his mouth or his cock, something I had not had in too long of a time. I told him this and he had me sit on the counter. He pushed up my skirt and put his head between my legs. I was dripping wet and aching with need.

The position on the counter allowed me to watch as he licked and sucked my clit. I grabbed his hair in my hands and held his face closer to me as I moved my hips toward his mouth and tongue. I came quickly and loud. Maybe once, maybe twice. When I finished he stood to live tweet about it and I dropped to my knees, removed his pants and underwear and took him in my mouth.

There was no need to get him hard as he was rock hard and his balls were tight. I sucked his cock while he tweeted about making me cum and me sucking his cock. He moved me back to the counter to sit in our new favorite position so he could stick his cock in me. I was delighted. He often makes me wait, even beg, before he will fuck me. I wanted his cock.

The position we love, is me sitting on a counter that is at the perfect height for him to stand comfortably while I either wrap my legs around his waist, hold them up close to my body or even at one point put my legs down so I was able to raise my hips off the counter so only my feet and hands were touching the surface, like the crab position.  I couldn’t get enough of his cock.

I came and came again. He tweeted whenever I finished, but continued to fuck me while he typed. This made me laugh. But then as he live tweeted about our sex I began to cum again. He was keeping track of my orgasms, I was not. Often when one would stop, I would only rest for a few minutes before another would start.

His face and the intense look in his eyes while he stares at me while I moan with pleasure is a picture that rarely leaves my mind. He will reach up and touch my face, tenderly. The contrast of the tender touches of my face with the hard pounding of his cock is extremely erotic.

It’s hard for me to find the words to describe how amazing it feels when he is fucking me. I’ve described the feeling of his cock inside of me as a “missing puzzle piece”. This works but does not capture the pleasure that is involved. From the moment of entry until he pulls out, the intensity of how terrific it feels, is beyond description.

At one point he decided he needed to give me a g-spot orgasm and expertly found the spot with his fingers until he had the idea to include my vibrator. Again, intense orgasms followed this as he massaged my g-spot with his fingers and my clit with the vibrator. He used the vibrator again later while fucking me.

Awhile later I used the vibrator on him on the spot behind his balls and then on the surface of his ass. I hope to use the vibrator on him in the future to help stimulate his male g-spot while I suck his cock. I imagine this will give him great pleasure. But I did not have the lube to make this happen at that moment.

We tried a few other positions, him in a chair while I sat on him and grinded against his cock. It went okay, but the chair was just not the right kind that assisted with good chair sex. Then I was on my knees again and sucking his cock, when I decided it was time to fuck some more. I laid on the floor, spread my legs and waited for him.

Soon, he was on top of me, fucking me while I wrapped my legs around him. He wanted to pull out when he came. I did not want him to, so when he started to cum I wrapped my legs tighter around his waist and said “cum, cum inside of me”. He worries about pregnancy, I am on the pill, but still he worries.

My warm pussy was hard to resist so when he started to cum he could not help but cum inside of me and the feeling of his cum shooting deep within me spurred yet another orgasm. He stayed on top of me afterward for several minutes, as we both caught our breath, and enjoyed the closeness of our bodies. A closeness we crave on a daily basis.

~ by bcwewantto on October 22, 2009.

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  1. Hhh..I just cummed all over my hands and bed…thanks

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