Spontaneous Intimacy- Her Perspective

I love spontaneity. I love intimacy. Combining the two makes me a very happy woman.  We’ve had some adventures this week, not all of them have been sexual, but they have been adventures nonetheless. Wonderful adventures.

As we texted throughout the day as we often do, he mentioned a possibility for us to have some alone time in the evening. It wouldn’t be an ideal setting, as it often is not, but this just doesn’t matter. I jumped at the opportunity. These days, it feels like alone time for us is so infrequent that having the chance for twice in one week, well, a girl doesn’t say no to that.

I brought along toys and lube, but while driving there had the idea for a “cock only” day. He would only be allowed to use his cock to arouse me. No hands. No mouth. This would not limit me in any way and it would also give me more time with that beautiful cock!

We started with our new favorite position with me sitting on the counter. He wanted to use his mouth, but I had reminded him of the “cock only” rule today. I let him cheat with his fingers for just a moment when he first undressed me and we were standing and kissing. He made me come once while I sat on the counter, but although I love this position, my legs were still sore from about an hour in this position the other night and I had not ridden that cock in far too long.

I asked him if I could get on top. He said “sure, how did I want him?”, I told him to lie on the floor and he put his arms above his head while I mounted him. It really had been a long time since I had sat on his cock and it felt wonderful to grind my wet pussy against him. He always talks dirty when I’m on top.

As much as he likes to be in control, there is something he likes about me riding him. He always says things like “use my cock”, “fuck my cock”, “get yourself off”, etc. For this sweet, kind, and “good” man, this seems to be the time when he lets loose verbally. He says he is my fuck toy and I think he feels most like this when I’m on top fucking him.

I was having one of those long, non-ending orgasms. It continued to grow in intensity and length as I rode him and moaned. Soon he said he was going to cum and I urged him to do so, and his release once again increased the intensity of my orgasm as we came together.

I slid off him and laid my head on his chest as we caught our breath and came back into reality. We continued to lay on the floor as we chatted and talked about the day.  The intimacy that exists between us is such that this floor in this room was not at all romantic, but yet, I could have laid there for forever in his arms.

~ by bcwewantto on October 25, 2009.

4 Responses to “Spontaneous Intimacy- Her Perspective”

  1. I’ve been reading this blog at every chance for the past week; I can’t stop! It’s so intriguing and it makes me ponder so many things. I have so many questions.

    • Wow! Thank you for the compliment! What questions do you have? -W-

      • How do you feel about each other? Is this purely physical or is your relationship also romantic? Do you some day hope to have a public relationship? Do either of you plan to leave your spouses? If so, why hasn’t it happened yet? Are you two exclusive or do you see others on the side? Do either of you still have sex with your spouses?

      • Read on…these questions will be answered in time. Although we tend to keep certain things, like our emotions and our photography, for ourselves.

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