Fun at the bar – HER perspective

So I have this bar. It’s sort of like my version of Cheers. Everyone knows my name and what I drink. They now know R too. We love to hang out there during the week, especially early afternoon, because there is no one there and we love it.

On this particular day we sat at the far end of the bar and I had brought in my netbook, he wanted to look at porn. So we did, enjoying the scenes together and picking our favorites. His favorite was of a man and a woman in the ocean, both naked, her on her knees with his cock in her mouth. Really, you couldn’t see anything, but it was quite erotic nonetheless. I think my favorite was of a man pulling the woman’s hair while he fucked her from behind. I love the hair pulling thing.

He was outrageously horny that day. Unbelievably so. He made many attempts to get his hand in my pants and make me cum right at the bar, which I refused to do. “This is my bar, I know these people”. He did not relent. The tables had turned. It was usually me trying to get him to let me get him off in public, but now I was the one saying no. I’m sure he was shocked, I never say no.

We ate and had several more drinks and the drinks did not hurt his cause. Because very soon, I too, was agreeing that we should fuck in the bathroom. The bar continued to be heavenly slow.

On one of his trips to the bathroom, I followed. I don’t know how we did not make it inside of the bathroom or the picture booth as we had planned, but there in the open of the foyer he reached inside my pants and stuck his fingers deep inside of me, while he kissed me passionately and whispered for me to cum hard. I did cum hard, I think several times.

And then, we were in the stall of the men’s bathroom and I was sitting on the toilet seat while he stood in front of me. I had his cock out in no time and my legs up on either side of him in case someone would come in and I hungrily took his cock in my mouth. I cupped his ass cheeks with both hands while I took him deep in my mouth until he came. The hot fluid went down the back of my throat and I swallowed many times to get it all down, all the while continuing to suck him dry.

Before long, we were dressed, flushed, and smiling back in our bar seats enjoying our drinks.

It’s now “our” bar. : )

~ by bcwewantto on February 4, 2010.

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