L is for…

Yes, L is for love. Totally and completely in love.  Perhaps that is what keeps us from writing and posting like we used to when it was just lust.  Our relationship is more than casual sexcapades in the park or in the car…though we still like our public time.

When we fuck, I cum over and over and he explodes inside of me. When we kiss, the kisses spread down to my core and make me wet. When I lie in his arms, I am a perfect fit.

He went to the place where we first had sex and relived the moment the other day. I found this to be so sexy. Thinking of him stroking his cock while in the bathroom stall where we first fucked. My skirt hiked up over my hips as I bent over and he slammed into me from behind.

I could not be with him during the reenactment, but I spent the time reliving it in my mind. Even the talk of masturbation has been a forbidden subject in our past lives, yet we encourage it with each other. He tells me he will masturbate to me and this makes me excited and I want pictures of it.

He has plenty of pictures of me masturbating to him…so I am refusing to give more until I get some in return. We had some of the most amazing photos of us together, taken months ago, but together we decided it would make sense not to have evidence of our affair. Since the pictures contained my faced and mouth sucking his cock and a few of him naked, they were destroyed. I miss those pictures.

My favorites included the one of his face while he came, I took it while I was riding him. I loved the serene look of pure ecstasy. I have every intent of taking more of these photos in the future and since our situations have drastically changed in the last few months, it would not longer be anything other than a couple having fun together. Which we are. A couple. Who love to have fun.

I forgot how much I enjoyed writing about us. I love how wet I have become in just the last few paragraphs. I must do this more often.

~ by bcwewantto on May 14, 2010.

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