Things and stuff…

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Too long.

I saw W a week or so ago; she was raring to go, but I was tired and for whatever reason, not in the mood. She told me “I need to be fucked hard, and badly” and I said no. First time I’ve ever done that. The only times we haven’t fooled when we were together around is because we couldn’t, like the situation, location or timing wouldn’t lend itself to it. Which we’ve managed to overcome multiple times in some interesting ways.

She even said, “I think we need to take some pictures,” which any other time I probably would have done without thinking. This time I said no. I actually turned down sex with W. I’ve never, ever done that. I never thought I could do that. I became worried after I left….why was I being like this?

Turns out I was starting to get sick, something that would require a trip to the emergency room. I am very much on the mend, and thinking about her. Thinking about her touch. Thinking about her smell. Thinking about her kiss. Thinking about her wet, sweet pussy.

The last time we were together (in the carnal sense) she had taken me (in a non-sexual way) out of my comfort zone. I kept telling her that she was gonna get it. So, later on she got it.

When we were finally along, I told her “Suck my cock”. And she did. Wonderfully. Her lips and tongue on my cock is amazing. I know she loves it when I take charge. And there’s something very liberating about doing it, too.

After a while, I had her stop. I began fingering her.

Now I know I’ve said this before, that W comes quickly and easily. I know I’ve said that she gets wetter than anyone I’ve ever been with. But I love it. I know exactly how her breathing gets when she’s aroused; how it changes when she gets close. What she sounds like when she’s being quiet, what she sounds like when she’s not being quiet.

I got to her her, feel her wetness on my fingers. And make her cum. Many times. I don’t know how many. So then I thought that she should help, too.

“Finger yourself, and make yourself cum.” I said.

She obliged. It wasn’t long before she came. I would masturbate in front of her and cum if she wanted me too, but then I’d be down for the count for a while.

I went back to fingering her for a while, and I think that was when she made me stop. She was breathing heavily, exhausted from her orgasmic ability.

She recuperated for a bit. We laid naked, facing each other.

“Fuck me,” I said.

In what seemed like a fluid motion, she got up, put a condom on my cock and slid down on me. We fit together perfectly.

I was lying down; W staddled me and rode my cock. It felt so good…..I knew it wouldn’t be long. Her pussy was so wet, so warm, I couldn’t focus on anything but her pussy. I played with her nipples a little, half heartedly, but I could feel myself getting closer….as was she.

When she is riding my cock and I’m looking up at her, she is quite the sex goddess. Her breasts sway, ever so gently wit the motion of her torso. She closes her eyes, and kind of tilts her head to the side when she is getting close. I love the sound, the noise, the movements she makes.

I could feel it start in my toes and thrust my cock in her as deep as I could. I wanted to be as deep in her as I could while I came, to have the soft, warm wetness around as much of my cock as possible. She felt the change of my position, and the bucking and grinding of her hips increased as I exploded inside of her.

And one of the most sexy things is she knows that she keeps grinding while I keep cumming….and is able to cum with me.

Sigh. I miss her. A lot. And I’m kicking myself that I didn’t take advantage of the ability to take pictures.

Hope to see her soon.

~ by bcwecan on June 20, 2010.

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  1. Very hot and great pic….


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