A first for us…and a drought…

W and I had wonderful sex the other day. That wasn’t the first.

I was worshipping her pussy with my lips and tongue, as I am always wont to do. I love how she tastes, how she breathes when I am licking her between her legs. It is heavenly. I know I am making her happy when her breathing begins to quicken, and she moans the way she does. The ultimate compliment is when she grabs my hair and pulls me into her pussy. I would live in there if I could.

So anyhow, during my oral devotions to her superior slit she says to me “Stick a finger in my ass.”

This surprised me for several reasons.

  1. She generally doesn’t tell me what to do (to her) when we’re together. Not that I was offended, it was quick, direct and what she wanted. And I do love giving her what she wants. 🙂
  2. To the best of my memory, we really haven’t done much ass play. I mean, we’ve talked about it, but this was the only time I can remember where she brought it up, especially so directly.

So, being the obliging fellow that I was, I licked and fingered her pussy while fingering her ass. I am quite the assplay virgin. But I enjoyed it, and she did as well. I think I was a little less rough than I could have been, but I just didn’t want to hurt her.

Shortly after bringing her to orgasm, I slipped inside of her and fucked her, missionary style, till we both came. Hard. When she knows I am coming she grinds her hips to enjoy every last bit of my soon to be not-hard cock. It is intense and a feeling that I savor each time that I come.

I love that she is direct and knows what she wants from me and is not afraid to ask. I love that she is willing to let me do what I want, to experiment with her and she knows that my ultimate goal is her pleasure– my need to make her cum is like an exponential sickness; the more I do it, the more I want to do it.

Alas, I am away on business and won’t see her for an eternity– lifetimes, it seems. I miss her. I talk to her every day, text her every day. Hearing her voice on the phone, hearing her laugh is music to my ears and makes an otherwise (busy) but dull day that much brighter.

I love you, baby.

~ by bcwecan on June 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “A first for us…and a drought…”

  1. […] Ass play on my Bday – HER perspective So R just wrote about sex on my birthday and my special birthday requests. There were two: finger my ass and fuck me without a condom.  Read his post, it’s a completely different, yet still an awesome perspective… A First for Us and a drought…. https://bcwecan.wordpress.com/2010/06/30/a-first-for-us-and-a-drought/ […]

  2. Just ran across this blog for the first time. I must say, (a) it all sounds so familiar* and, (b) I envy you both so!!

    I am rather happily married with an acceptable sex life but… I am also intensely smitten with (and sexually attracted to) a man I know only by text and voice chats online. We live 600-plus miles apart. We have had very intense sessions of both “vanilla” sex and Dominant/submissive play/scening… while not physically in the presence of the other. And although it can be VERY real and surprisingly satisfying, it also serves to make us both want each other more.

    When you speak of the intense desire… I understand. W’s post about having R tie her up and fuck her into submission? Oh my G—- I am SO in sync with that. I can relate as if the words were my own. It nearly brings me to tears, to be honest… knowing there is another couple out there LIVING what I wish we (my K and I) could. But I am happy for you both, too.

    I intend to continue following your blog. PLEASE continue sharing your exploits with us. I will be inviting my long-distance lover to join me in reading you. Please imagine us as voyeurs, cheering you on and wishing we could join in the game.

    All my best,


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