A year of firsts…and now pool fun.

A year, you say? Your blog has been up for a year?

No. But I’ve known W for a year now. It’s been an amazing year; with her around, it’s been the best year of my life. The things I’ve done to her, that she’s done to me, the way she has made me feel, the way I’ve been able to make her feel for the past 365 days has been amazing.

I got to see her on our one year something-versary. True to our form, we did something very public, very naughty and something we’d never done before.

Read on to learn more.

The last time I wrote, I was anticipating what was coming next. What we would get to do the next time we were together. So one year in, we did something I’ve never done before.

We went shopping together. Actually, she went shopping and I watched. I’m not so good with shopping. I don’t like it. If possible, I’d never like to shop (food shopping doesn’t count). We had dinner and drinks and went back to her place.

Shortly after we arrived, we changed and got into our bathing suits– we were headed to her complex’s pool.

Just a quick walk away, we held hands as we walked there. We were hoping for few, if any people there. We were pleasantly surprised. There was no one at the pool, except for us.

It had rained recently and somewhat close to the closing time; never a lifeguard on duty. There were no lights in the pool, either.

I stepped into the pool and and the water was perfect– wet (go figure) but warm from the recent bout of hot weather we’d been having.

In no time we were in each other’s arms, kissing. My hand slipped down between her legs and pulled the piece of fabric aside to get at her pussy. I slipped my fingers inside of her and began to make her moan.

It’s been a few days now, so I don’t remember if I made her cum or not at that point. What I do remember is that not long into my fingers’ frolicing, she pulled out my cock….or maybe I did. I can’t remember much. I was blinded by lust and the thought of her pussy.

She began stroking my cock (we were in shoulder-deep water, mind you) and it wasn’t enough. I just wanted to be inside her. To fuck her in a pool; I’d never done that with her or anyone else.

I think she was rubbing the head of my cock against her pussy. I couldn’t control myself, the hunger just overtook me. I thrust my hips forward and in one fluid motion (pun intended) I was inside of her. She gasped audibly, I don’t think she was expecting me to do that. In fact, when we were talking about our pool fun later, she did say she was surprised how I just thrust inside of her. I was surprised too.

As always, she felt amazing– warm, wet, and silky smooth. But adding to the effect was the warm, still water surrounding both of us, and no one there to hide it from. I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I didn’t last long…but it felt so good.

After we finished, W began to take off her suit. It was pretty dark, and the pool is a good distance away from where folks live in her complex. I couldn’t hear anyone talking. Soon, she was naked and swimming around the pool.

My sex drive in park, I was (as always) astounded at her beauty in the dim light and the grace that she moved around in the pool. Nothing was left to my imagination. Except getting caught. I began to worry. The large amount of brain capacity that had been taken up by my libido earlier was graciously returned to the worry-wart part of my consciousness and I began to worry. That she’d get caught. So, not long after this beautiful woman let me fuck her in the pool and then took her suit off and began gliding around in the water like a goddess, I began to tell her to put her suit back on.

Crazy, aren’t I?

She played and toyed with me. She refused to until I took my trunks off for at least a minute. I kept trying to get her to dress– I wanted her to put her suit back on, I didn’t want her to get caught (keep in mind I was not naked).

Finally, she convinced me. I took my suit off (though I kept it in my hand) and swam around a bit. It felt amazing. After a very long minute, I put my suit back on, as did she. We returned back to her place and I spent the night.

I love you W. The year I have spent with you has been the best of my life.

~ by bcwecan on July 14, 2010.

3 Responses to “A year of firsts…and now pool fun.”

  1. I love you too R.

  2. Happy “Anniversary”, you two. :))

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