Things and stuff…

•June 20, 2010 • 1 Comment

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Too long.

I saw W a week or so ago; she was raring to go, but I was tired and for whatever reason, not in the mood. She told me “I need to be fucked hard, and badly” and I said no. First time I’ve ever done that. The only times we haven’t fooled when we were together around is because we couldn’t, like the situation, location or timing wouldn’t lend itself to it. Which we’ve managed to overcome multiple times in some interesting ways.

She even said, “I think we need to take some pictures,” which any other time I probably would have done without thinking. This time I said no. I actually turned down sex with W. I’ve never, ever done that. I never thought I could do that. I became worried after I left….why was I being like this?

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mobile mutual masturbation

•May 16, 2010 • 1 Comment

Or in other words…phone sex.  Our first experience with phone sex occurred last night. He is out-of-state and I was home alone. I was shocked to get his phone call because we are more the texting kind of couple, but pleased to hear from him for the second time that day. He didn’t suggest the phone sex, but when he told me he was lying naked in his hotel room on his bed, I assumed he might be somewhat interested. He had also had a few drinks and beer makes him exceptionally horny.

When I asked him if he wanted to have phone sex, he said he wasn’t sure. I don’t know if he had ever done it before but we had never done it together. He asked me if I like phone sex and I replied “no, I hate it”. He laughed, why? I told him, because I am shy. Sure we have had chat sex on numerous occasions and we send sex texts daily, and have live sex pretty much weekly, but phone sex is different. We decided that no, we wouldn’t have phone sex and continued our conversation about the day.

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L is for…

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Yes, L is for love. Totally and completely in love.  Perhaps that is what keeps us from writing and posting like we used to when it was just lust.  Our relationship is more than casual sexcapades in the park or in the car…though we still like our public time.

When we fuck, I cum over and over and he explodes inside of me. When we kiss, the kisses spread down to my core and make me wet. When I lie in his arms, I am a perfect fit.

He went to the place where we first had sex and relived the moment the other day. I found this to be so sexy. Thinking of him stroking his cock while in the bathroom stall where we first fucked. My skirt hiked up over my hips as I bent over and he slammed into me from behind.

I could not be with him during the reenactment, but I spent the time reliving it in my mind. Even the talk of masturbation has been a forbidden subject in our past lives, yet we encourage it with each other. He tells me he will masturbate to me and this makes me excited and I want pictures of it.

He has plenty of pictures of me masturbating to him…so I am refusing to give more until I get some in return. We had some of the most amazing photos of us together, taken months ago, but together we decided it would make sense not to have evidence of our affair. Since the pictures contained my faced and mouth sucking his cock and a few of him naked, they were destroyed. I miss those pictures.

My favorites included the one of his face while he came, I took it while I was riding him. I loved the serene look of pure ecstasy. I have every intent of taking more of these photos in the future and since our situations have drastically changed in the last few months, it would not longer be anything other than a couple having fun together. Which we are. A couple. Who love to have fun.

I forgot how much I enjoyed writing about us. I love how wet I have become in just the last few paragraphs. I must do this more often.

It’s been awhile…

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It has not been a long time since I’ve seen R, but it has been awhile since either of us has written. Our schedules our hectic, and neither of us seems to have the time to sit down and write a post, although we do talk about it.  I know I miss it. Not just writing about our experiences but also reading his thoughts. It was always such an erotic thing for me to write and read about our sexual adventures. I do wish we posted pictures too, we have them, but have kept them for ourselves.

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Fun at the bar – HER perspective

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So I have this bar. It’s sort of like my version of Cheers. Everyone knows my name and what I drink. They now know R too. We love to hang out there during the week, especially early afternoon, because there is no one there and we love it.

On this particular day we sat at the far end of the bar and I had brought in my netbook, he wanted to look at porn. So we did, enjoying the scenes together and picking our favorites. His favorite was of a man and a woman in the ocean, both naked, her on her knees with his cock in her mouth. Really, you couldn’t see anything, but it was quite erotic nonetheless. I think my favorite was of a man pulling the woman’s hair while he fucked her from behind. I love the hair pulling thing.

He was outrageously horny that day. Unbelievably so. He made many attempts to get his hand in my pants and make me cum right at the bar, which I refused to do. “This is my bar, I know these people”. He did not relent. The tables had turned. It was usually me trying to get him to let me get him off in public, but now I was the one saying no. I’m sure he was shocked, I never say no. Continue reading ‘Fun at the bar – HER perspective’

what will it be like?

•November 22, 2009 • 1 Comment

I am separated and in the process of a divorce. R is too. We started this blog when we began our affair. Neither of us believed that the word “affair” quite fit our situation. To us, an affair is when a man or woman has sex with someone other than their spouse, then returns home to their spouse and continues to be married to that person, in all ways including physical.

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Transcendent Sex – HER perspective

•November 5, 2009 • 1 Comment

Have you ever had someone in your life that seemed to know exactly what you needed even when you didn’t? Not material items, like shoes, even though shoes are always a wonderful gift, but rather the emotional needs that you have; R has become this person in my life. Our connection emotionally, spiritually, and physically runs deep and cannot be denied. We have both tried to deny it at one time or another, tried to hold back our feelings, our wants, our desires for the other, but we couldn’t do it. Now we just are letting life happen to us. Allowing our connection to grow. The result has been has been amazing and translates into powerful emotions, meaningful conversations, and transcendent sex.

Following one of the most difficult days in my life that left me sobbing until my eyes were swollen and my face looked like a punching bag I reached out to R who was a great support through texts, phone calls, and chatting. But I longed for his arms around me, embracing me, as he told me everything would be alright. I didn’t have to wait long for this need to be met and very soon I was in his arms.

He held me as we talked and I vented about the difficulties I was facing. Then he asked me what I wanted to do. I wanted to be alone with him, to be naked with him, to communicate with him using my body. He did not resist. And upon entering the private space he began undressing me as I undressed him. Continue reading ‘Transcendent Sex – HER perspective’